River’s Edge Tactical CCW Course

This is our “advanced” CCW course that we have developed in house. Tailored for the experienced shooter that does not require a Basic Pistol Course, but still needs to go through the requirements set forth by the state of Ohio. Also for the person who already has their CCW and would like to take a more in depth class.

Our River’s Edge Tactical CCW Course is designed around an open discussion format, discussing things like:

  • Mental Readiness
  • Physical Readiness
  • Proper Equipment
  • Situational Awareness
  • Threat Assessment
  • After a Shooting
  • Concealed Carry Laws
  • Application Process

The classroom portion also involves the use of our training simulator putting you through virtual shootings using all of the knowledge we will discuss. There is also 2 hours of live-fire shooting out on our indoor range using our advanced lanes with pre-programmed drills.